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Oldies & Goodies for Adoption

We can understand some of the hesitation in adoption an older horse, after all, boarding a horse is expensive and what if the older horse becomes no longer rideable? Or if the rider "outgrows" the beginner type horse? Then what? Of course, we expect you to take care of your " Oldies & Goodies Arabian", and we know that you will!
If you adopt one of our "Oldies & Goodies Arabians" and your horse needs to be retired or your skill level has outgrown your horse, your horse can come back to our rescue without "penalty". Your "Oldies & Goodies Arabian" will be welcomed back and you can adopt another horse for 1/2 of the adoption fee!


He had a good life prior to needing rescue and his body is that of a 10-year-old. He has been mostly ridden on trail and loves it but does spook occasionally so needs someone with confidence and a good seat. Tarzan was a stallion until two years ago and has the mind of a stallion, independent and confident. Needs an experienced rider.

20 years old 16hh

Adoption Fee $1,000