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Performance Horses for Adoption

These are our select horses in which we have labeled as performance horses. They have had extra training and have participated in shows to further their training as well as giving them the experience to excel even further. This page might not always be updated so please contact the rescue directly, or via Facebook, to have an accurate list of our adoptable performance horses.


He is currently in further jumping training and has participated in shows. Can currently jump 3' and has the mind and willingness to go further. Adoption fee reflects training.

7 years old 14.3hh

Adoption Fee $1800


Sepida was recently taken in from another rescue which was closing down. She would make an amazing hunter jumper or dressage horse for someone. She is built like an athlete and can even do flying lead changes. We are still working on her training but she will be entered into local shows to gain experience in the show ring. NOT FOR ADOPTION YET

16 years old 16hh

Adoption Fee --


This amazing mare was recently taken in from another rescue which was closing down but has proven to be a potential show horse. She has learned her flying lead changes and has been practicing her jumping. We plan on entering her into upcoming horse shows to give her experience in the show ring. While she is has an athletic build and would make an amazing performance horse, Sibaha also loves going out on trail. She is willing to learn and can be taken almost any direction. NOT FOR ADOPTION YET

8 years old 15hh

Adoption Fee --