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Phoenix is already feeling better, no more fever! I measured him - 14.2 hands. He is going to be a big boy! He loves grain and carrots. He sure knows the sound of a grain bucket! He is in your pocket sweet


Rosie came to us from Mike's Auction, back in January, 2017. At the time, we had a home lined up for her, but it fell through.She had been traumatized and was difficult to handle, when "in doubt" she'd just try to run you over! At her intake physical, she knocked our vet and me over because she was beyond anxious. We had to sedate her for the exam and for the farrier! She was skinny and had had a foal pulled off her prior to the auction, her udders were bursting full. Fast forward 7 months later, she is calm, sweet, nice weight, shiny coat and sound. She has some scaring at her withers from an ill fitting saddle...we started working with her and she acts like she has been halter shown in her past. Her saddle training begins, maybe she will surprise us!

Windy Sam

Windy Sam is a Russian Arabian, he is 15 years old and is a proud 16.1 hands! He had a really nasty abscess in his front right foot. It is all gone now. Windy Sam was a Mike's Auction save. He is gorgeous. He has gained around 250 pounds since then and is healthy. Windy Sam is broke to ride, but needs a refresher. When we assessed him under saddle, he responded well, but he is race-bred and will most likely need an experienced rider. We will keep you updated on his progress. He had an old injury on his front left leg and we also want to see if it impacts him when worked/ridden frequently or not.  We will keep you updated on this gorgeous boy.

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